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Your Yarn's Journey
NC cotton field
bales of cotton
cotton roving
Your yarn started out as organic cotton plants grown in the Lubock area of Texas by the farming families of the
Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative
The cotton was picked,ginned, baled and sent to warehouses
specifically set up for organic cotton.  (It is important to keep it separate from traditionally grown cotton.)
The bales traveled to NC to be combed and spun into yarn.
The yarn singles were then sent to Georgia where it was twisted (plied) into the finished yarns.
which is spun into yarn.

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Cindy picked up the yarn, went for a piece of pie at the Whistle Stop,
The cotton is combed or carded into sliver.
The sliver becomes roving.
then set Heidi to work in the Pacolet Valley sweatshop
packaging your yarn!
Southern Bales Cotton yarn
Mauna Kea Organic Pima Yarn
Mauna Kea
organic sock cotton yarn
organic / cottina
organic sock cotton yarn
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