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"The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes." — Frank Lloyd Wright

Bamboo Purse Handles
There are many styles to choose from on the web. 
Single Stitch Crochet Strap
I am very new to the art of crocheting-so please excuse
my poor lingo here.
1.   I made approximately 70 loops then single crocheted them for 2 rows with the yarn that I used to knit the bag.
2.  Then I cut a very long 1/2" strip of the material that I used to line the bag and single crocheted one row with the fabric. 
3.  I followed that with 2 more rows of single crocheting with the yarn. 
                         Yarn Covered Plastic Tubing
Okay, we live in a very small town, so there is a lot of
improvising here when it comes to needing something
from an art supply or yarn shop ...
Go to your friendly hardware store, ask for the plastic
tubing area, pull a bit off the roll of what looks like a
good size, create a circle and put it over your shoulder
like a purse strap would be,
calmly assure the salesperson that you know what you are doing,  if it feels good (not too big in the pit area) then purchase the correct length for your straps.  Starting at one end, wrap your yarn around and around and around the tube until you are about 2" from the end.  Shoot the straps through the hem of the bag and tape the ends together with wide packing tape, finishing wrapping and sew in loose ends.

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