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If I've learned anything it's that comparisons are dangerous and leave me feeling either 'less than or holier than' neither of which feels good...when I would look at other website's "About Us" pages I always ended up feeling slightly 'less than'. With no professional photos or team members with extensive artsy/creative/formally educated backgrounds it seemed we were a little podunk around here, but rather than letting that get "us" down, we have simply embraced the reality of who we are.
Head Honcho, Chief Bottle Washer and CFO  
Never one to let ignorance stop her, Cindy Walker set out in 2012 to produce her own line of US grown and processed organic cotton yarn. Assisted by the many knowledgeable folks of the local textile industry, the TOCMC organic farming community and the Diva: aka Sally Fox of the western US, Walker now has a line of organic and blended yarns for your knitting, 
weaving and crocheting projects.  

All seriousness aside, Cindy Walker (is far too self decpricating) has been working with yarn, suppliers, customers, shops, and manufacturers for 29 years.  She is a designer, yarn producer and writer.  Walker has had patterns featured in Story Publishing books: Baby Knits Head to Toe, Christmas Stockings and Knit One, Felt Too.  Interweave, Handwoven and Knitters Magazines have aslo carried Stony Hill products.  Cindy loves what she does and is happy to share her knowledge t

Dye House Production Engineer

Technology / Webmaster

Marketing Director
Stony Hill Fiber Arts
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  Stony Hill  
Fiber Arts

828 817-3096
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  Inspired by the FTD ideology
 (Feed the Dream), we participate-when necessary-in the manual labor workforce, the food preparation industry, the educational arena and the ebay experience. For we believe that sucking it up, chopping vegetables, surrounding ourselves with unruly children and cyber marketing mementos is preferable to relinquishing our crafty endeavors. Endeavors summoned proportionately by intuition’s holy hunches, imagination, and 
sheer stubbornness.