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flax and cotton sliver
Organic Cotton Sliver

For those new to cotton spinning ... it is different than spinning with animal fibers...it's a bit shorter and slicker than wools ... so prepare thy self.  

There are some great videos out there to help you learn:  Joan Ruane is the cotton spinning diva in my book!  She has many videos to help you learn: http://www.cottonspinning.com/index.html

Whether you are on a wheel, drop or supported spindle, 
I urge you to "give it a whorl" (sorry) . Spinning cotton 
can be a-d-d-i-c-t-i-n-g!
Cotton Flax Sliver Stony Hill
Cotton/Linen Blend Sliver: 
60% Organic Pima/40% Belgian Flax
Great for beginners, the flax "catches" and makes for easier spinning.
We also have this in 
fingering weight yarn
Cotton/Linen (60% Organic Pima/ 40% Belgian Flax Blend)
Organic Pima/ Flax Fiber
$4.00 per ounce
Tahkli Kit
Tahkli Spindle Stony Hill
Tahkli Spindle - $32.00
Tahkli Spindle Gift Kit 
This little support spindle,is perfectly weighted - with a flick of the wrist it will spin up your short fibers beautifully! Great beginner spindle!
Kit includes: Tahkli set up and ready to go and .5 oz of our Cotton/Linen Sliver
 or Supima Sliver

Kit - 36.00

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View My Stats
Supima Cotton for spinning
Supima Sliver: 
100% Supima Cotton
Another great "beginner"  fiber - the longer staple length helps with drafting a consistant yarn.
Supima Fiber
$3.00 per ounce
Fiber Choices
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Southern Bales Cotton yarn
Mauna Kea Organic Pima Yarn
Mauna Kea 
organic sock cotton yarn
organic / cottina
organic sock cotton yarn
Southern Exposure Organic Cotton
CottonLinen Yarn
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