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Colorful Ribbed Hat
This hat is knitted using the "stranded knitting" technique: knitting with two different yarns in the same row.  I use  both English and Continental knitting, “throwing” the yarn in one hand and “scooping” with the other; the result is a corrugated, raised rib.  1 Minute Videos Here! 
You can use solid colors-changing them as you go, two long run colorways-naturally shifting-see below, two variegated yarns, or one variegated or longrun and one solid.  You can become proficient in stranded knitting and end up with a very cool hat!
*Sizes:  Adult (20” around, 8.5” deep), *You can make the hat larger or smaller by casting on any number that is divisible by 8

2—1 oz/120 yd baby cakes of Heather Fingering Yarn
(Ex: 2 Long Run Color way, 1 Long Run + 1 Solid, or 2 Variegated)
Needles: US 2 - 16” circular needles, US 2 double pointed needles

Gauge:  8 stitches to the inch

Know How:  advanced beginner, determined, stranded knitting 
techniques are used in this project.
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Made with Pacolet Valley's
Heather Fingering
Stony Hill Colorful Ribbed Hat
Ribbed Headband with flower
Colorful Ribbed Hat Crown
Long Runs 120 yd
Golden Brown PeachLong Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Blue Green Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Terra Cotta Amber Waves Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Pewter Green Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Maroon Blue Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
This hat was made with many different solids, staggering the colors along the way.
Blue Green
Golden Brown Peach
Blue Green Long Run Colorway
Golden Brown Peach Long Run Colorway
Maroon Blue
Golden Brown Peach Long Run Colorway
Pewter Green Long Run Colorway
Pewter Green
Terra Cotta Amber
Terra Cotta Amber Long Run Colorway
Color Ideas for the Hat!  
The hat takes 2 ounces or 244 yards of fingering weight yarn. You have options:
1) Buy 2 different Long Run Color Way Baby Cakes (see below)
2) Buy 1 Long Run Color Way and 1 solid color Baby Cakes
3) Buy 2 multi colored Baby Cakes
Heather Fingering Deep Purple
Heather Fingering Eggplant
Heather Fingering Chocolate Brown
Heather Fingering Autumn Red
Long Run Color Way Baby Cakes
Heather Fingering Cayman Island
Heather Fingering Turquoise
Heather Fingering Palomino
Heather Fingering Peach
Heather Fingering Pewter
Find more solid and multicolored Baby Cakes Here
Heather Fingering Pewter Blue
Heather Fingering Moss Green
Heather Fingering Midnight Blues Single
Heather Fingering Pottery Single
Heather Fingering Autumn Golds
Cottina Heather Fingering Emerald Isle Single
Heather Fingering Gray and Green
Heather Fingering Black

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