Felted Sherpa Hat
                                                              The sherpa hat is a quick knit project. Starting with the ear flaps then joining                                                                            in the round, it is a great hat for beginners. I like to use my left over yarn,                                                                                combining different colors of the same yarns and tying them off securely creates                                                                       colorful hats and uses up all those ends floating around my stash basket. 

This pattern is written for
babies:  16-18" circumference to adults:  20-23" 
To make a sherpa hat you need the following:
  • 80-100 yds worsted weight *feltable fiber
  • Size 10.5 / 16" circular needles
  • Four double pointed needles
* Feltable Fiber is animal (sheep, llama, alpaca, etc.)fiber which has not been treated or super washed-if the label says "machine washable" -just know that talking labels are nothing to fear and that the fiber will not felt.

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