Pacolet Valley's Hand Dyed Organic Cotton Yarn Kits
Brown and blue yarn colors
tan, wine, khaki
Blue, brown, beige yarn
harvest, got
Orchid, orange, rose yarn colors
Want to make the Little Linen Stitch Bag?  Or perhaps a Mosiac Hat? Go ahead, be brave and add a little color to your knitting.  We have some lovely color combinations for you to consider. Of course you can always pick your own colors from our Pacolet Valley Organic Cotton palette of hand dyed yarns.
Browns and Blues
Linen Stitch Knitted Bag
3 Color Combo - 3 hanks - 1oz/62 yd - $18.00
All color sets have enough yarn to make the Linen Stitch Bag
Blue, Brown, Beige
Tan, Wine, Khaki
Harvest, Khaki, Tan
Orchid, Orange, Rose
Color Combo - $18
Wine, khaki, Pal, Orange yarn
soft pink, brown, lt blue, natural palomino yarn colors
Tan, wine, khaki, Palomino yarn colors
Brown, Blue, Pink, Nat
Brown, tan, orange, wine yarn colors1st_4_dutch_choc__bronze__orange__aut_red.jpg
Orange, lt blue, green, rose yarn colors
4 Color Combo - 4 hanks - 1oz/62 yd - $24.00
All color sets have enough yarn to make the Mosaic Hat
Pick Your 3 Colors!
Wine, Khaki, Palomino, Orange
Brown, Med Blue, Pink, Natural
Soft Pink, Brown, Lt Blue, Nat Pal
Brown, Tan, Orange, Wine
Tan, Wine, Khaki, Palomino
Orange, Lt Blue, Green, Rose
Color Combo - $24
Pick Your 4 Colors!
Mosaic Hat pattern
tan, brown, blue, pal yarn colors
Tan, Brown, Lt Blue, Palomino
Southern Bales Cotton yarn
Mauna Kea Organic Pima Yarn
Mauna Kea
organic sock cotton yarn
organic / cottina
organic sock cotton yarn
More yarns you might like to try!
Fox Fibre
Southern Exposure Organic Cotton
Stony Hill 
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