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Towanda Hat
(for those  Idgie Threadgoode days,of which there are many)
Most days, these days, I find myself in one of two positions:  fetal or fighting. 
 Both are exhausting…Knitting calls me in from the ledge.  I wish for you many peaceful and strengthening hours with this project. I love to think of all of you kick ass women knitting away.  Onward.
Sizes:  Bad to the Bone Baby, Wild Child, Awesome Women-medium and large.
Yarn: 2 - 1 oz/120 yds  Pacolet Valley Heather or Southern Bales Fingering Baby Cakes: directions refer to 1 solid & 
1 long run color-way but you can also use: 2 solids, 1 solid & 1 variegated, or lots of different colors of fingering weight yarn. Making sure to have enough contrast between foreground and background is essential to having the designs show up and stand out.  It takes 2 ounces/240 yards to complete. If you like, the dotted chart (page 3) can be an can be  colored in (adult beverages help)  before knitting...or not.  The only goal is not to go insane. 
Charts: dotted charts, shaded charts, colored charts are intended to help you “see” the patterns, find the one that works for you.
Needles: size 2/ 16 in circular, size 2 double pointed (dpn)
Gauge: 8.5 stitches to the inch, 9 rows to the inch … this is all relative to your tension, state of mind, political party, presence of  children, etc.
Know How: The technique of stranded knitting is addicting used in this pattern.  To help with this, if you like, we have: 1 minute, two hands, no cats or strolls around the property, straight up “show me how” videos here:http://www.stonyhillfiberarts.com/KnittingVideos.html
Made with Pacolet Valley's
Heather Fingering
Stony Hill  
  Fiber Arts

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828 817-3096
Stony Hill Colorful Ribbed Hat
Long Runs 120 yd
Golden Brown PeachLong Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Blue Green Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Terra Cotta Amber Waves Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Pewter Green Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
Maroon Blue Long Run Colorway Heather Fingering
This hat was made with 1 Terra Cotta Long Run (see below) and 1 Midnight Blue Baby Cake
Blue Green
Golden Brown Peach
Blue Green Long Run Colorway
Golden Brown Peach Long Run Colorway
Maroon Blue
Golden Brown Peach Long Run Colorway
Pewter Green Long Run Colorway
Pewter Green
Terra Cotta Amber
Terra Cotta Amber Long Run Colorway
Color Ideas for the Hat!  
The hat takes 2 ounces or 244 yards of fingering weight yarn. You have options:
1) Buy 1 Long Run Color Way and 1 solid color Baby Cakes    2) Buy many solid color Baby Cakes
Heather Fingering Deep Purple
Heather Fingering Eggplant
Heather Fingering Chocolate Brown
Heather Fingering Autumn Red
More Long Run Color Way Baby Cakes
Heather Fingering Cayman Island
Heather Fingering Turquoise
Heather Fingering Palomino
Heather Fingering Peach
Heather Fingering Pewter
Find more solid and multicolored Baby Cakes Here
Heather Fingering Pewter Blue
Heather Fingering Moss Green
Heather Fingering Midnight Blues Single
Heather Fingering Pottery Single
Heather Fingering Autumn Golds
Cottina Heather Fingering Emerald Isle Single
Heather Fingering Gray and Green
Heather Fingering Black
This is a Free Pattern for my Sisters of the Thread!
Towanda in Long Run color way and a solid color

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Towanda Hat Yarn Cool Greens Baby Pink
Towanda Hat yarn Warm Sands Midnight Blue
Towanda Hat Browns and Pinks
Towanda Hat Pink Brown Blue
Color Options
1 Long Run Color Way &1 Solid
Warm Sands & Midnight Blue
Cool Seas & Golden Brown
Cool Greens & Baby Pink
Cool Shannah & Light Lilac
Pinks & Cool Greens (2 long run colorways)
Color Options - 5 Solids
(enough for 2-3 hats depending on sizes)
Baby Pink, Brown, Golden Brown, Turquoise, Periwinkle
YARN For Long Run & Solid Color Ways

Towanda Yarns 2-1oz Baby Cakes
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